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SkyCash this campaign Efficiency action, lifenest directed to the creation of the target group . The benefit to this type of display advertising and mailings, which or data transmitted via email. Banners guided on the network page and whoever fill form Registration and also shall answer to simple question Promotional has a chance to win a prize . Ads emits in social networking sites , pages devoted to high technologies discussing high technologies. Campaign The efficiency, the model accounting for the CPL, which is the company that grants service rewards the advertising agency for those internet users who will complete registration forms. a good idea is award for fill out the contact form , very effectively convinces Internet users for leaving contact details. Course reward every time they must be attractive to and wake surfers lust . conclusion money for effect of the most advantageous and most honest model of conduct Promotional. Company knows what they pay and get accurate reports from the course of the promotional campaign .


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