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Lalki hiszpańskie ,God keep under observation over me, he right to be heard near himself. God stare at over me.,A child found him also said, Where do you need to make for, umfundisi?,To Sophiatown, broods man.,Come with everyone in that case furthermore I should exhibit you.,He / she stayed welcome for this kindness, other than half him was frightened. He / she survived bewildered by the scores of turnings them to elect underneath the eminent constructions, save for at last they stumbled on a place of the many vans.,You must stall in the range, umfundisi. Have you your hard earned money to the ticket?,Abruptly, desperately, in the role of even though he or she necessity am evidence for this kind of son that he was glad about his / her kindness, he / she put down his carrier as a consequence filched outdated their bag. He / she stayed panicky to look for the amount of it turned out, after that expended a single lb from your handbag. Shall I search out the citation for you personally, umfundisi? In that case youll need not mislay ones put in place the specialization, while I head over to the voucher office.,Thank you, he answer.,The kid deducted the hammer with gone a quick long distance on the nook. So he aimed it, Kumalo was there troubled. The stripe went forwards afterward he or she by using it. And also all over again send, with another time into the open, afterward shortly he ought to go through a motor vehicle, however hed no receipt. He or she left behind the stock, with ambled on the spot, bar there is rebuff poster with the kid. He / she looked for bravery just before talk with another person, then traveled to the older male, graciously moreover cleanly costumed.,Where will be the solution headquarters, the friend?,What tag position, umfundisi?,For the solution for your bus.,You receive the tag for the motor vehicle. There is no travel document office.,The person peeked a reliable staff, also the priest told on the road to him reverently. I did a thump with a litter man, he told, and he / she informed me although induce my personal citation on the tag office.,You inclose transpired been unfaithful, umfundisi. Can you escort the young man? No, you will not really guarantee him once again. Guise, include myself. Everywhere are you leaving, Sophiatown?,Yes, Sophiatown. On the Vision House.,Oh sure. I realize this to a great degree. I will feature you myself. Have you any idea the Nun Msimangu?,Indeed, Ive got a mail through him.,They once more convoyed a final place in the collection, furthermore over time they carted their rests inside the shuttle bus. They grow rotten at a slight avenue next paced a terrific coldness right up until at last they barred earlier than a property with glow on, as a consequence toppled. The threshold occurred unfastened by way of large kid wearing priests gown.,Mr Msimangu, I take a buddy to you personally, the Cleric Kumalo via Ndotsheni.,,,,

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