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Flash ads are component slimcea opinie Network. Their role is focus of attention through generate interesting effect . In Macromedia Flash MX selected layer and thickness of the line. Then draws in background. Shift and the left button key draw a mouse will create a straight line. If the background does not succeed, then press , press CTRL and Z clique in Click on the padlock at the top, to accidentally wipe is not to erase the background eraser. Second going thickness brush and forms subsequent layer. Draw Ludek . Important , to to see the previous frame. To add a new , press F7. In this way gain easy animation, or a puppet running around moving in time to the music. It is one of the simplest least complex animations, which can nevertheless be situate to your website. We recommend heartily recommend the creation of such simple, however smooth animations. will become they decoration website and attract the sight of such a site visitors. Let the customer get , which is essential .


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