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During the campaign instruments , or e-mailing, SEM, Linking, behavioral targeting and contextual links. Very effective tool is e-mailing, when action is settled in model CPL, which is paid for individual keystroke by Internet user . If the aim is selling is more use the SEM retargeting, deeplinkingu or feeds. If action will not bring the expected results, the losses will record client and publisher. The first did not win a new customer will gain new consumer, and the other will not report earnings eg. On advertising banners. It's a terrible idea, and for this reason it is essential that thorough preparation campaigns. To such situations did not take place, you have all soundly and carefully carry out . Contact form must be simple purchase of the product can right and simple, the method of calculation clear and legible. When it is otherwise is a publisher refuse joint action or make it and after a few days to give it up. Everyone is going receive profit , and a bad campaign anyone fail to earn .

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