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Most flash ad is easy- tłumacz angielski as well-prepared , from the hand, instantly. More laborious way of working requires design drawings in flash technology is prepared piece by piece without using eg. The Oval Tool. It takes a lot of It takes a lot of time, but the effect but the result is great . Supporting in this drawing is a tablet - device relatively unpopular and still Nieta. However It is possible to ordinary computer, assuming that the line is not as precise, which is not affected however to result and ultimate animation. Precision, focus accuracy care and concern detail are necessary in creating effective animation. First Photo created even a few hours, but the capture efficiency at drawing it will not occupied so much time. First draw , to But facilitate your job to redraw desired file. Then, selected color in Color Mixer. Free Transform tool support in possible change shape . Where drawing will be created , it's time for animation. Remember, however, Do not forget, however, that the animation is concentrate to admit a Experts professionals in this field. Focus and work on the effect.


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