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I am a former Chef & baker born in NYC & raised in Rome Italy. I facilitate culinary demos & instruction through: The Budget Gourmet - eating well in lean times, a project in collaboration with my local food pantry & the community. My original idea is to help people with limited resources (like myself) prepare nutritious & delicious food on a lean budget. I usually prepare meals & bake artisan breads for myself, my friends & neighbors in the housing complex where I live. I am a proponent of Slow Food, humane & sustainable farming practices, & using the best ingredients available through local sources. Depending on my schedule, I might be able to cater for small parties. This is a great idea for a social network & I hope to be able to connect with fellow gourmands here.
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City: 01301 Greenfield MA

Website: http://the-budget-gourmet.blogspot.com/

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