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Follow Efficiency campaigns are economic , in which the most important is payment payment is important for the purpose. Buyer dobry portal randkowy pays result , and can it be client redirection to Network or supplement or purchase of goods or service. Homeowners may pay according to the following models of payment - CPC - cost per click - the consumer presses a button, and operator pays an advertising agency for this press ; CPA - cost per action - payment depends on product purchase and register on the website, which is payment for specific operation will be ; CPL - Cost Per Lead - such fee depends. On whether consumers leave their personal details. Principal pays result , reaches countless users, and therefore it is campaign full benefits for buyer it, and worthwhile for an advertising agency. For the former, because performs goals and gain consumers , and for the latter, because get remuneration . closing this thread, campaigns Efficiency is instrument fairly new, however executing purpose for which it created .

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