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Tajine Poulet citron confit

0650159890 Plat marocain. Poulet, citron confit, pomme de terre, olive rouge, persil frais et coriandre, ail, gingembre, poivre, safran, curcuma, sel. Je cuisine avec l'huile d'olive du Maroc.

Where 730 RUE PAUL RIMBAUD , 34080 MONTPELLIER, FRANCE See on the map

When pick it up:
Friday 27 April around 19h00
Saturday 28 April around 19h00
Sunday 29 April around 19h00
Monday 30 April around 19h00
Tuesday 01 May around 19h00
Wednesday 02 May around 19h00
Thursday 03 May around 19h00
Friday 27 April around 17h00
Saturday 28 April around 17h00
Sunday 29 April around 17h00
Monday 30 April around 17h00
Tuesday 01 May around 17h00
Wednesday 02 May around 17h00
Thursday 03 May around 17h00
Saturday 28 April around 15h00
Sunday 29 April around 15h00
Monday 30 April around 15h00
Tuesday 01 May around 15h00
Wednesday 02 May around 15h00
Thursday 03 May around 15h00
Friday 04 May around 15h00

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