• How do I start using Super Marmite?

    Signing up to Super Marmite is super easy! Just click on "Register" in the header of the page and complete the form with your email address, username and password.

    You will then receive an to activate your account. Click on the confirmation link within this email to become a member of the community.

    You may then start by completing your personal information, ordering a meal, or even preparing one!

    If filling out forms is not your thing, you can sign up in lightning speed with Facebook Connect. Just click on the Facebook icon in the header of the page.

  • Does Super Marmite have anything to do with the savory British spread?

    No :)

  • So what's with the name!?

    Well we are French in origin, and "marmite" is the French word for a large, covered earthenware or metal cooking pot.

Ordering a meal

  • How do I order a meal?

    Once you are registered and logged in, take a look at the available meals. When you find something that you'd like to order, just click on the "I want one" button.

    After confirming your order you'll receive all the information you need to pick up your meal.

  • How do I see all the meals available near my current location?

    The easiest way to see what is cooking up in your area is to register your address; the map will then automatically center on your address. You may also enter your address in the search field just above the map (whilst ensuring that "order by: nearby" is selected underneath the map).

  • How do I find a specific course (i.e. starter, main course or dessert)?

    Right now it's not possible, but hang on in there; we will soon add the functionality to filter by keywords, course type and more (e.g. organic, halal or Japanese).

  • How do I find our more about the cook and the quality of the food?

    When you click on a member's username, you will land on his/her profile page. This page will display more information about the member and an average rating, calculated from all the past ratings given by people who have already ordered from the member. You can also read their past comments. This is why it's important to rate the cooks from whom you have ordered.

Posting a meal

  • How can I propose my meal to the community?

    Once you are logged in, just click on the "Post a meal" button on the right hand side of the homepage.

    You should then describe your meal to the best of your ability, specify when it will be ready, and indicate the number of parts and the price you want to sell them for. We will soon provide the ability to share a photo of your meal and link to a recipe.

    After verifying your address, your meal will be visible to the Super Marmite community. You will be notified as soon as someone orders portions of your meal.

  • I don't live in a big city. Will I find anything on Super Marmite?

    If there are no cooks posting their meals in your area then obviously you won't see much on the map, but don't fret just yet! Why not encourage your friends, neighbours and family to sign up and start posting meals? You could build the community in your local area and become a Super Marmite representative :)

  • I posted my meal but no-one has ordered it. What shall I do?

    When you submit your meal, don't forget to share it with your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers. You could also spread the word in your local community. The more visibility your meal gets, the more likely people will be to order it!

  • I have prepared a meal. How should I package it?

    The most common approach is to indicate in the meal description that the buyer should bring a container with them but if you want to present it in a specific way, then go ahead!

    We will soon produce some cool Super Marmite branded cardboard containers. If you are interested in being the first to get some, just shoot us an email!


  • I have ordered a meal. How do I pay?

    For the moment, there is no way to pay online. When you order a meal, it is a promise to pay the cook upon receipt of the food (i.e. when you go to collect it). We are currently working on integrating an online payment system, but we are not rushing as we want it to be as secure and efficient as possible!


  • Is there any chance that the meal I ordered could be delivered?

    If the cook has not specified in the meal description that he/she will manage delivery of the food, then you must collect it yourself. Although many people have asked this question, so we are working on how to accommodate for this in the future.

  • I don't want a stranger coming round. Is there another option?

    You are not obliged to give your address to people who order your meal. You could of course establish a pre-arranged location to exchange with the buyer (maybe in the street outside your apartment building, or on the corner of your road).

Communicating with, and following other members

  • How can I talk to another member (to tell the cook that I may be a little late, for instance)?

    On the order recap page (only accessible to the cook and the buyer) you can write a message to the cook. He/she will then be notified by email that you've written something.

  • I want to find out more about a meal. Can I ask the cook a question?

    For the moment, you cannot communicate directly with the cook on the meal page. Although if you order a portion of the meal, you will then be able to communicate with the cook.

  • I really enjoyed the meal from this cook, is there a way to be notified the next time they post a meal?

    When you click on the "Follow this member" button on their profile page, you will be notified by email each time this cook posts a new meal.

Ratings and comments

  • How do I rate and comment on the meal I ordered?

    A few hours after picking up your meal, you will receive an email from us inviting you to give a rating and write a comment about the meal you just had. In this email you will find a link to the rating and comment form. The form will allow you to rate the meal out of 10, and write a comment about the member and the meal itself.

    Be honest, and don't be afraid to write a lot; your comments are infinitely helpful to other Super Marmite users.

  • What if there's a problem with another member (doesn't turn up on time, or the meal isn't available)?

    After an order has been completed (and after the defined pick-up time), the 2 members involved will have an opportunity to rate and comment the other member. If you encounter any kind of problem with an other member, you should reflect this in your comment & rating.

    You may also contact us directly at supermarmitecontact(at)gmail.com. We can then contact the other member to understand the issue. A member who does not respect the Terms & Conditions of Super Marmite may well be excluded from the site.

  • What happens to my personal information?

    In compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, you may demand full access to the personal data we hold about you (known as a "subject access request"). We only collect information directly relevant to the context of the application (the site), and we employ strict measures to keep this information secure. You have the right to update your personal information at any time. If you wish to remove your account then please contact us, and all related personal information will be permanently removed from our servers.

  • I am not a professional cook. Am I allowed to cook and share my meals with the community?

    In the same way that you can cook for friends or family, it is not a problem to cook occasionally for members of your local community and receive compensation for food expenses.

  • Can I make money by posting meals on Super Marmite?

    When you post a meal on Super Marmite, you should relate the compensation to cooking expenses associated with each portion. When a member comes to fetch their meal, they will pay you the indicated amount.

  • Should I declare the money I earn through Super Marmite?

    No, not if you use Super Marmite occasionally and charge to cover no more than your cooking expenses.

    If you use Super Marmite for a wider-scale commercial activity (e.g. you cook regularly and make a significant profit from the income generated as a result of using Super Marmite) then yes, you should notify HM Revenue & Customs of this by completing a self assessment tax return or otherwise. Additional information can be found on their site.

  • Do I need to pay VAT?

    No, not if you use Super Marmite occasionally and charge to cover no more than your cooking expenses.

    If you use Super Marmite for a wider-scale commercial activity and your sales are over £70,000 for the last 12 months, then you will have to register for VAT with HM Revenue & Customs. If your sales are less than this then you can still register voluntarily for VAT. More information can be found here.

  • What about hygiene and sanitary conditions?

    It is very important to respect food hygiene standards when preparing your meals. The cook is legally responsible of the risks he or she incurs to the people for who he or she has cooked. Super Marmite is simply an agent bringing together those who cook and those who order it.

    For those who cook and make this a regular and profitable activity, you must register your food business (it's free) with the environmental health service at your local authority (more information here). You must also respect The Food Safety Act 1990 (as amended), The General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002, and The General Food Regulations 2004 (as amended).

Contacting us

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time by clicking "Contact us" in the footer.

  • I have a great recipe or a great deal to share with the community. How can I spread the word?

    We currently do not have the functionality to write and manage recipes. We are working on this, so you will soon be able to associate your meal postings to a specific recipe, whether it be your own or that of another member.

    For the moment, you may use our Facebook fan page or send us an email with your ideas. We will publish the best ones on our blog :)

  • I have a suggestion/idea to improve the service, how can I tell you?

    On the left of the page (and on all pages across the site), there is a "Comments" link. You can leave your suggestions there, and even comment or rate suggestions made by other members!

    You may send us your idea by email as well - we read all the mails we receive and we listen carefully to what you have to say! Your feedback is very important to us and it helps us to evolve the site in the right direction.

  • Who is behind Super Marmite?

    4 gastronomic geeks, who enjoy sharing food experiences:

    Olivier Desmoulin: CEO of Super Marmite, Olivier has spent the past few years in web design and working on start-ups.

    Cyril Mougel: CTO of Super Marmite, Cyril is one of the most reputable developers in the French Ruby on Rails community and our technology guy.

    Marc Chataigner: Super CMO of Super Marmite, he listens closely to our users. Marc is in charge of the marketing strategy and community management.

    Germain Dementhon: Biz-Dev Guy for Super Marmite, Germain is an ingenious engineer and a great cook too!